To the Traveler

As you pack your bags remember this, where you’re coming from is nothing compared to where you’re going. You may feel a strange feeling inside of you. Something that makes you feel a little sick. A feeling that maybe you are making a mistake, even though you are thrilled about the destination ahead. Like you will miss the people you are leaving behind, but know the ones you meet will outweigh the ones you miss back home. Like you will miss the place but know that where you’re going consists of sights that are far greater from where you’re coming from.

Where you are now is wonderful. Where you are now has shaped the person you are today; but what about the person that you are bound to become? The person God has created you to be but has been keeping you away from because He wants you to endure the hardships and the smiles that will get you there. The one that He wants His light to bring out of darkness.

As you start your next journey, think of all the stories you will bring back. Think of all the places you will see, all the people you will meet, all the experiences you will have, and all the knowledge you will gain.

When you return you will have become someone much greater than the person you left as. Along the way you will have met people that changed your life forever. With that, you will have also touched the lives of many others that will impact their lives till the end.

Your travels will be the greatest ever. Every experience along the way will guide you toward a better you. You’re not leaving to escape the negatives; but you are leaving because this place has done all it can for you and it’s time to see the world and all it has to offer you.

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