My Exploration Into the Realms of Photography

Across the depths of the earth there are many spectacular sights to be seen. From the lowest canyons and valleys to the highest mountains and peaks, I dream to see it all. Realistically throughout my lifetime my eyes may not witness the gloriousness of every beautiful destination this world has to offer, but one can only dream.

We dream these crazy things. We have been dreaming of crazy things ever since the first day our eyes got to see this world. We dream of being doctors, we dream of being teachers, we dream of being musicians; but me, I dream of being a photographer. I dream of being an artist who succeeds at showing off the glorious wonders of the world. I dream of creating content that shows a perspective of this world unlike any other.

I have been given the best canvas of all to show off this magnificent world; God’s creation. God’s creation continues to amaze me everyday as I get to experience new places and discover new experiences in already explored corners of the world. My creator has made a world for me, for all of us to explore, and love with all of our hearts. He has given each and every one of us a special and unique way to view his creations and through my work I dream to show my unique perspective off in the best way I know how.

Although my travels haven’t taken me to many new sights, I hope to travel to new destinations and show off different cultures, people, and landscapes through the eyes I have been given to do so. Whether it be a populated city or a vast open landscape, I dream to see it all.

For me becoming a well known photographer doesn’t necessarily matter. I aspire to reach an audience who becomes inspired through every photo and story that I share. Even if it is only one person who is ever inspired by what I create, that would be enough.

My goal for my future work is to continue showing off the beautiful creation that has been put before me, and all of us to discover. If I had to create a goal for my next five years as a photographer it would be that I hope to have made a great personal growth in the work that I create. I believe that you cannot compare photographers because everyone has a different style. Everyone has a different way of showing off what the world looks like through their eyes. In the next five years I hope to only be better than I am today.


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