Cape Town, South Africa

Life allowed me to travel far recently. I was given an amazing opportunity to visit family friends down in Cape Town, South Africa. It was my first adventure overseas; the flights were long, food was decent, but landing in Cape Town was the best thing to happen to my cousin and I during that 24 hour period.


My experience throughout the 2 weeks spent in the beautiful country of South Africa were influential. There is absolutely nothing better than seeing a new place for the first time, especially when that place is in a foreign country, with new cultures to learn about and new foods to try.




As one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain overlooks the city of Cape Town and Camps Bay. We took the cable car up to the top where there were breathtaking views and tons of tourists scrambling to see every angle off the top of the mountain that they possibly could. Although we were adventuring with locals, we were among the many crazy people standing on rocks, leaning over bridges and becoming mesmerized by the views which Table Mountain had to offer.

I was given a unique chance to capture a breathtaking moment, with my new friend as the center of it all. I captured a shot, that has become one of my favorites from the whole trip, of my friend, Cameron, looking over Cape Town. The time of day made for the perfect lighting and my wide angle lens help me to capture the shot with the perfect amount of exposure needed to show off the beauty of the moment we all got to experience that day.  



I LOVE AQUARIUMS. It amazing that we as humans are given a place to see the unique creatures that live under the sea. There are so many of them and because of places like the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, we get a chance to encounter species that are both rarely seen by humans or are dangerous for anyone to come face to face with. This aquarium is unique because of its location. The coastline of South Africa lies along both the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. Two Oceans Aquarium allows visitors to see sea life from both, which differs because of the varied temperatures of the two oceans.

This photo is very special to me. I was inspired to get a shot like this of myself by a fellow creator and good friend, Chase Paisley. I was lucky that we were exploring through the aquarium during a time of day where there weren’t many other people there as well. This tunnel provided us to encounter stingrays, native fish, and a couple of their rescued sea turtles (which were my favorite to see).



Normally you’d think that when in Africa the wild animals you would see in the wild would consist of lions, elephants, rhinos, etc. Never did I ever think that penguins also lived there. Along the coast of South Africa lives the jackass penguin also known as the African penguin. I was able to see them at Boulders Beach which is a short distance from Simon’s Town.

It was quite amazing to get to photograph these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. I would normally think of seeing penguins in freezing cold climates but getting to see them swim in with the waves, and play in the sand was quite the sight!



Home to many surf schools and surf shops, Muizenberg is an awesome little beach town on the coast of South Africa. It’s known as the best place to go to learn to surf around the Cape Town area. The water however is home to many great white sharks and I learned that on the hills up above the beach there are shark spotter who spend the days waiting to sound off the bell that a shark is near.

These little beach huts were so mesmerizing. These glorious huts were once used at changing rooms for beach goers; today they are used to add color to the famous surf spot on the coast of South Africa.



I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY SEALS IN ONE PLACE IN MY LIFE. There were so many of them! This place is also home to famous big wave surf spot, Dungeons. Unfortunately this spot was not unleashing big waves while we visited, but the reef was breaking a little bit while we were there.

This photo was super cool to take. I was stumbling around the boat deck and wasn’t even sure if my camera was focusing in the right spot. It was super windy and seals were swimming close to the boat trying to gain the attention of everyone on the boat. Waves were crashing in the distance and were also crashing on top of the rocks making for a big splash in the air.



The southernmost place you can visit in all of Africa. Also, one of most visited places in the Cape Town area as well as one of the busiest places in nature I have ever visited. All around there were signs that said “Beware of Baboons”. I SAW NO BABOONS; which according to my friends was a good thing because of how dangerous they can be. It still would have been amazing to get to see on in the wild though.

With this photo I put myself in one of scarier positions for a photo than I ever have before. The colors of the water were so amazing. I was super freaked out by the ledge but I knew that if we left without me getting this shot that I would highly regret it.


I only saw a sliver of the amazing sights that South Africa has to offer. I am already beginning to imagine what my next trip there is going to look like! 


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