My Forever Art

Some tattoos are for fun, mine tell a story and contain an abundance of meaning within my heart. I never pictured myself getting a tattoo, but today I find myself with three unique pieces of art on my body, each reflecting something special in my life.

Lizi Andersen-Lizi-0015.jpg

My first tattoo symbolizes my transition from living in the mountains of Colorado to finding myself living on the coast of California. Along the inside of the wave I added a bible verse that became very prominent in my life throughout the first year I lived in Santa Barbara.

Psalm 119:105

“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.”

Directly after opening the cover on any Bible (at least those that I own), you will find this verse. It’s a gracious reminder of how the word of God has the ability to lead us from a life of darkness back into a life full of light. It’s a fitting verse for the beginning of one of the oldest books in the world, and a fitting verse to have on my wrist for the rest of my life.

Lizi Andersen-Lizi-0029.jpg

My second tattoo is without the question the one that contains the most amount of meaning within my heart. I was certain, I was so sure that Elias Roy Bancroft would continue to be a blessing in my life; and oh boy was I correct about the most disguised blessing I think I have ever received.

My down syndrome ribbon tattoo symbolizes my thankfulness for God bringing Eli into my life. Eli is 7 years old with Down Syndrome. He is sweet, he is kind, sometimes stubborn, but most of all, he has shown me the most how present God’s love is in our lives even when we don’t know it is there.

Lizi Andersen-Lizi-0018.jpg

The most recent tattoo I have aquired is my whale. Whales have been a very prominent figure in my life for some time now. While visiting friends in Cape Town, I decided to locate a tattoo shop and get this tattoo. During the trip the talk of a what my next tattoo might be came up a lot in conversation. That lead me to do some research about what the meaning of the whale could be; which is…

The whale spirit animal is the earth’s record keeper for time. The whale teaches about listening to your inner voice, understanding the impact your emotions have on your everyday life, and following your own truth. When the whale enters your life, it might be time to examine where you are, the actions and emotions which have brought you to this point, and what you can do to alleviate existing drama and unrest and find peace within your life. People with the whale as their totem are in touch with true reality. They are nurturers, and go-getters who understand there is more to life than meets the eye.

That, that right there is what I had been trying to put to words as to what I was feeling my life’s purpose was. The words that perfectly described a lot of what I had felt like I have been created for. Everytime my eye hits the whale on my wrist I am remembered of this meaning and that there is even more greatness to come in the days ahead.

* photos courtesy of Michael Sharp

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