From busy beach towns to quaint little mountain towns, CALIFORNIA HAS IT. I have been living on the coast for nearly 3 years, and I still get blown away by the variety of landscapes that have been created in this gigantic state.

I have discovered hidden beaches, fought the crowds in the cities, and hiked through famous terrain within the Sierra Nevadas. Whatever you want to do, you can do it in California.

For me as a creator, California IS THE DREAM. It offers me an array of opportunities for places to adventure to where I can escape into the high peaks or work on my tan on the busy beaches. I have found many destinations where I am both able to enjoy the coastline and explore the mountains all in the same day. I often go from seeing palm trees to pine trees within a 24 hour time span; AND I LOVE IT.

This summer I spent about a week in the heart of the Sierra Nevada mountains, hiking, swimming, and exploring the areas around Independence, California. We spent our nights under the stars in Alabama Hills….


And in the Buttermilks...


Both gave us beautiful encounters with nature while sleeping under the stars. I witnessed multiple shooting stars, and was able to capture some amazing shots in the early morning after the moon had the set for the day.


There's so much more of California's land that I have yet to see. I am excited to see what the next few years bring and what new sights in this state I am able to encounter! 

lizi andersen