Top 5: 2018

2018 was a year of firsts. Life took me to several new places which I was able to thoroughly explore and share its unique beauty through the perspective of my lens. I created multiple shots which I am very proud of and was able to learn new techniques from creators who inspire my work everyday.

To begin 2019, I wanted to share what I believe are my top 5 images I captured in 2018.


At the start of 2018 I was still home in Colorado for my holiday break. I remember going up to the top of Loveland Pass and hoping to shoot the stars. Unfortunately I didn’t realize the moon was going to be so bright, making it tricky to capture a full sky of stars.

On our way down the mountain I remembered there was a pull off that overlooked Arapahoe Basin ski area. We pulled in, I climbed up the snow bank, and set up my tripod. This specific shot was actually the last one I captured of the night. I had done a few others as cars passed prior to this moment; but then a big semi truck passed by behind us and I knew that was the moment to push the shutter. This shot is one captured back home in Colorado that I am most proud of. It also really set the standard for the type of work I aimed to create more of throughout the rest of 2018.


Another first for the year took me to Cape Town, South Africa, which was my first ever trip overseas. I traveled with my cousin to visit some family friends who live in the area.

I was given a unique chance to capture a breathtaking moment, with my new friend as the center of it all. This shot has become one of my favorites from the whole trip, of my friend, Cameron, looking over the city of Cape Town. The time of day made for the perfect lighting and my wide angle lens help me to capture the shot with the perfect amount of exposure needed to show off the beauty of the moment we all got to experience that day.


I captured this shot in Goleta, California with friend and fellow photographer Alex Nye. Alex is a master at night photography and graciously offered to do a shoot with me and teach me how to create star trails. He helped me set up camera to capture the shots needed to create the shot.

Creating star trail shots take a lot of patience. The camera needs to be capturing a shot about every 30 seconds for at least half an hour to have the ability to show lots of movement with the stars.

This shot is one of my top 5 of 2018 not only because it’s the first star trail shot I ever created, but also because I got to get out into the world with a friend and learns from his experiences. A lot of my photography from this year has strengthened because of shared experiences and learning.


This shot is by far one of my favorite drone shots from the year. I received my drone in February and immediately began creating a bucket list of locations around Santa Barbara that I wanted to capture from above. The Santa Barbara Harbor is one of my favorite places to capture a sunset or sunrise and was one of the first places on my list.

I took this shot on the Fourth of July right before the sun set for the day. A bunch of friends and I were spending the afternoon at the beach awaiting the fireworks once it got dark. There were so many people walking the breakwater when I was trying to fly. I quickly got it up there just in time to catch the perfect lighting for what has become one of my favorite perspectives of the harbor that I have yet to capture.


Sun flares are a new thing for my photography. As 2018 continued on, I kept searching for new perspectives at locations around Santa Barbara that I constantly go to. Once I discovered how to create sun flares I knew I had found a new challenge for my creations around Santa Barbara.

I took this shot on a shoot with a couple friends up in the mountains above the city. Golden hour is my most preferred time to go explore and shoot. The light is always magnificent and gives opportunity to capture some epic moments. I would like to say I really planned this out and had hoped for a shot like this; but in all honesty, it was pure luck. This was the first ever sun flare shot I ever took.

I’ve got some epic things coming for ya in 2019, so stay tuned!

lizi andersen