Dream. I dare you. Let your heart put all of its love into one thing. Let that one thing consume your life. Let that dream inspire you to go and do more in life, and if there ever comes a day that you have a change in heart, follow that new dream. Come on, I dare you.

Don’t just let yourself be consumed by one fantasy you have your life set out to be. Fill your book of life with many different moments. Follow any lights you see in the darkness. Let yourself follow the arrow aimlessly down a simple path. Make the simple dreams extravagant and the tough dreams effortless.

This life pours tons of opportunities upon us. People expect certain moments to be harder than they actually need to be. There is no reason for anyone to dedicate their life to just one dream. The world has way too many sites to see.

So go dream, and dream, and dream. I DARE YOU.

lizi andersen