Rincon Classic 2019

March 24, 2019 marks the day I shot my first ever surf competition. The Rincon Classic is a local surf comp in Carpinteria that locals have the ability to enter with hopes of winning their age group. The field consists of locals and world renown pros like Connor Coffin; and I rented a Sony e-mount 100-400 mm lens for the weekend so I could best capture the competitors from the shore.

For me, surfing has been one of my favorite subjects to capture since I first ever moved to the Santa Barbara area. There are so many variables to consider when attempting to capture the perfect shot and that gives me a great rush adrenaline. From people walking on the beach, to the camera not focusing correctly, to needing to know the perfect moment to press the shutter; all these things and so much more can make or break a surf shot.

Rincon is such a unique part of the California coast to get the opportunity to capture surfing at. Because of its geography, Rincon has two main spots where the waves break. One is inside of the cove; and the other is up at the point. A lot of times when the swell is just right, a surfer has the ability to ride a wave all the way from the point into the cove. On this particular Sunday the waves were breaking in both places, but the comp took place inside the cove. Throughout the history of the Rincon Classic, the comp has never been in the cove; so this was a pretty epic year to have the chance to capture the days events.

That Sunday was much warmer than I anticipated; but it made for amazing lighting conditions and the water was a magnificent turquoise blue color. There were some amazing little groms out there that completely shredded the huge waves coming into shore.


Some of my favorite moments from the day were the shots I captured of pro and local surfer Connor Coffin. Ever since he was a kid Connor has been surfing the classic and makes it an obligation to come back to California for the event every year no matter where his tour schedule takes him throughout the world.


Some more favorites from the day including surfers, Killian Garland (RED) and Adam Lambert (BLUE).

lizi andersen